Jesse (TV series)

Jesse is an American sitcom that aired from September 1998 to May 2000 on NBC. The main role was played by Christina Applegate. Despite high ratings, the series was canceled after two seasons.


The action takes place in the city of Buffalo. Jesse Warner is the single mother of ten -year-old Little John and a waitress in the " Bavaria Bar " her father John. Another important part in Jesse's life play her two brothers, one of whom has decided to no longer speak. But even without words, John Jr. often has some sage advice for Jesse in stock. Her second brother Darren is always charming, always broke and chasing the " sure-fire business idea " behind. Jesse bear all responsibility for the family alone on their shoulders and want to additionally realize their dream of an uncomplicated romance and training to be a nurse. Further support in her turbulent life she gets it from her also working as a waitress high school girlfriend Linda.

For more vertebrae in the families of the hot-blooded Diego, the next door moves into the house and soon occupies an important place in Jesse's life makes sense. Unfortunately, her father Sen. John Warner is convinced that Diego is not the right man for his daughter. He tries to disrupt the relationship between the two, where he can. But that's not enough: Jesse's life is complicated further by the regular appearance of her ex -husband, who repeatedly tried to recover it and the rest of the family.

In the second season is Jesse nurse and her family members do not play a role in the plot more.