Jet (particle physics)

A Teilchenjet is a measurable phenomenon in particle accelerators, which allows conclusions on particle collisions.

In collision processes in particle accelerators arise at sufficiently high energy particle jets. This is due to a peculiarity of the strong interaction, the confinement. If two quarks torn apart in a collision, the interaction energy continues to improve with the distance until finally the energy is large enough to create a new quark-antiquark pair. This process is repeated until the initial energy is converted and is called hadronization, since there a large number of hadrons, ie, matter evolves. The direction of flight of all these particles is determined by the direction of the first, so that all in a jet ( jet ) fly. By the shape of which can be closed in the detectors to the original collision partners.

For example, the discovery of 3- jet events at DESY was the late 1970s, an indication of gluons.

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