Jetcar (car)

Jetcar is an existing since 2000 German automotive brand in the future Jetcar vehicle GmbH, located in the district of Neuruppiner Nietwerder.


In 1998, the Christian Wenger- Rosenau and Michael Wenger brothers began developing a lightweight streamlined cars with low fuel consumption. The target has been reached through a narrow end face due to seats arranged behind one another, a light steel frame and a fiberglass body. Was driven with a small volume of Jetcar 1 diesel engine. This vehicle was also tested with electric and fuel cell drives. Likewise Jetcar developed at this stage an even more parsimonious model the Jetcar 1.5. Due to the German regulatory provisions (including banning plastic front glazing ) were these developments in Germany not approvable.

2001 to 2002 a further development of Jetcar 1.5 was made for Jetcar 2.5. This was presented at the IAA 2003.

In the video for the title "I Will Love You " (2007) by Nena is a Jetcar ago as future car.

In February 2010 the company presented its newly developed electric Jetcar.

In 2010, the Jetcar took power at the first e-miglia, an open rally for electric vehicles over 560 miles from Munich to Rovereto part. 2011 took the team Jetcar in the follow-up event in the cars class rank 2 The return journey of 915 km mastered the JetCar with an energy consumption of 10.72 kWh per 100 miles from outlet, ie including the loss of charger and traction battery. Based on the energy content corresponds to a fuel consumption of only 1.1 liters per 100 km.