Jetty Paerl

Jetty Paerl, with full name Henriėtte Nanette Bantzinger -Pearl ( born May 27, 1921 in Amsterdam, † August 22, 2013 in Amstelveen ), was a Dutch singer. Her achievements they celebrated in their home country in the 1940s and 1950s.


Paerl became known during the Second World War by Radio Oranje that was sent from London to the occupied by the Nazis in the Netherlands. As Jetje van Oranje radio, she participated at the Cabaret de Watergeus in the transmitter program.

In 1956, she participated in Lugano together with Corry the chunks as the representative of the Netherlands in the first edition of the Euro Vision Song Contest part. With the song De bird of Holland, which was written by Annie MG Schmidt and composed by Cor Lemaire, she opened the song contest. The exact cutting Paerls is not known, since only the winner song was determined. Today's standard scoring and accurate ranking of all participants, it did not yet exist.