Jeust village with beautiful stone in center

The Jeust in good stone is about 585 m above sea level. NN high hill in the basement of forest in the northern Hesse counties Schwalm- Eder and Waldeck- Frankenberg.

Geographical location

The Jeust rises to the south of Keller Forest and Nature Park basement Edersee. It lies just west of Schönstein, one located at the little village below this opening into the Gilsa Norde community part of Gilston. Approximately 2.5 km north- northeast of the mountain is Dodenhausen, one located at the Norde community part of Haina, and about 5 km west-southwest Gemünden at the Wohra. The town and city limits of Gilston, Gemünden and Haina meet at the hilltop.

About the basalt peaks of Jeust on which a shelter is located, the Rhine -Weser watershed runs.


To the south and west by the Jeust leads around the section Schönau or Schönstein - Battenhausen of Kellerwaldsteig (156 km hiking trail in the Nature Park Keller - Lake Eder). Random paths lead up the mountain.

Nature regions

Together, situated north-east with the separated by the valley of the Gilsa influx Norde and in the desert garden 675 m above sea level. NN high mountain ridge forms the basement Jeust the natural environment No. 344.00 Jeust and cellar.