Jeux de la Francophonie

The Games of La Francophonie (French Jeux de la Francophonie ) include various arts and sports competitions in French-speaking countries, organized since 1989.


The statutes of the Games of La Francophonie defines its objectives as follows:

  • Visualization of the entirety of the Francophone countries and to secure them the repercussions of all kinds,
  • To allow the approach of countries that have the use of French in common,
  • To make something special of the francophone culture known to develop both in its unity and in its diversity and the cultural and artistic exchange,
  • Contribute to the preparation of Francophone sporty young to the great sporting events in the future,
  • To bring the youth and especially the women of the country on the move, which share the French, by participating in the development of cultural and sports activities in these countries and contributing to international solidarity,
  • Contribute to the promotion of the French language.