Jevenstedt (Amt)

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The Office Jevenstedt is an office in the district of Rendsburg -Eckernförde south of Rendsburg on the Kiel Canal in Schleswig -Holstein. The office is located in Jevenstedt. In the community Westerroenfeld there is a branch of the administration.

Official members of communities


The municipality Jevenstedt was on April 1, 1889 from the communities Altenkattbek, Hörsten, Jevenstedt, Nienkattbek, Schülp b. Rendsburg, Schwabe and Westerroenfeld enclosure as well as some of the Forstgutbezirks Rendsburg and formed the city district Rendsburg a piece of the wild moor. In 1928 parts Westerrönfelds incorporated into the city of Rendsburg. 1947 from the District then the Office Jevenstedt and 1948 divided the community Westerroenfeld from office. In 1966, the Office Jevenstedt formed a management fellowship with the neighboring office Luhnstedt, which the municipalities Brinjahe, Embühren, Hamweddel, Luhnstedt and Stafstedt belonged.

In the wake of the great territorial reform in 1970 the offices Jevenstedt and Luhnstedt were summarized. Then there was the church Haale from office Lütjenwestedt. In 1974, the municipalities Altenkattbek, Nienkattbek and Schwabe joined the community Jevenstedt. Then joined on 1 January 2001 the municipality Westerroenfeld back at the office.

Coat of arms

Blazon: "Divided. Nine confess changes at the top in red a covered with a golden sword, resist sighted silver dragon, down from silver and red towards the center. "