Jewel (singer)

Jewel Kilcher (* May 23, 1974 in Payson, Utah), better known by her first name Jewel, a successful (more than 25 million records sold ) is American singer and actress. She writes her songs itself is found on her both love songs as well as critical analysis of American society. Your best-known hit in Germany / Europe is Standing Still from the album This Way by 2001.


Jewel grew up in Alaska, where she early began to accompany their parents during appearances in Inuit villages. After the divorce of her parents, she stayed with her father and accompanied him on further appearances. Seven years later, she moved to Michigan, where he studied at the Interlochen Arts Academy. During this period she also began to write their own songs. After graduating, she moved with her mother to San Diego and earned their money with side jobs. At a gig in a coffee she was discovered by Atlantic Records. Jewels father is German - Swiss descent, her mother has Irish roots. Jewel itself has next to the U.S. and Swiss citizenship. She is also a second cousin of actress Q'orianka Kilcher.

7 August 2008 Jewel married the American rodeo star Ty Murray, with whom she was romantically involved for ten years previously, in the Bahamas. The two live together on a 890 acre farm in Stephenville, Texas. 2011 brought Jewel to a son. It is the first child of the couple.

Stylistic features of their music

Your early albums often contain songs that have been produced without much effort ( in part only with guitar accompaniment ).

On her 2003's album 03 04 they broke with this tradition. On the CD is a dance video, and they experimented with different musical styles (Dance, Classical Folk, Jazz, Beat, Pop, Techno, Soul ), which was negatively received by parts of the fans. Nevertheless reached 03 04 # 2 on the U.S. charts. On the album, released in 2006 Goodbye Alice in Wonderland Jewel returned to her musical roots.


  • Jewel Kilcher wrote parts of their poetry in order to not conflict with American lawyers (America).
  • She founded and funded the non-profit organization Higher Ground for Humanity, which works to improve the water supply in developing countries.
  • In 1998, she published a book of poems A Night Without Armor ( 500,000 copies sold) and 2000 her autobiography Chasing Down the Dawn (Subtitles Stories from the Road).

Some passages from her songs

  • The song Pieces of You raises the question whether the ugly, bad or different, what you see in other people, not also a part of one's self:
  • One finds in their songs also dealing with religion.

Acting Career

In 1999, her breakthrough as an actress began in Ang Lee's film Who rides with the devil, on the side of movie stars Skeet Ulrich and Tobey Maguire. In 2004, she was working on her second film Wave. She had a cameo in Men in Trees and played live with her band in the series Las Vegas.