Jewel Thief

  • Dev Anand: Vinay / Prince Amar
  • Vyjayanthimala: Shalini Singh / Shalu
  • Ashok Kumar: Arjun Singh
  • Tanuja: Anjali Nath / Anju
  • Nasir Hussain: Sheriff
  • D. K. Sapru: Seth. Vishambar Nath
  • Pratima Devi: Vinay's mother
  • Helen: Helen
  • Faryal: Julie
  • Anju Mahendru: Neena
  • Jagdish Raj: Fellow of the jewel thief

Jewel Thief is a Hindi film directed by Vijay Anand from the year 1967.


Vinay is the son of the police chief and is very familiar with precious stones. Therefore, he also works for the jeweler Vishambar, whose daughter Anjali soon loses her heart to the young Vinay.

However, on Anjali's birthday party alleges Shalini she was engaged to Vinay and drops her " Amar " around the neck. The turbulence do not last long, because Vinay can easily prove not to be Amar. It actually seems to be a doppelganger named Amar, however, is a notorious jewel thief.

Soon is the jewel thief Amar out as Vinay and robbed Vishambar. This can not be Vinay sit up and decides to capture the jewel thief by pretending to be Amar.

After some time, it turns out that Shalinis big brother Arjun Singh has his finger in the pie. Once issued as a friend, Arjun Vinay tries to create out of the way and lets him out of action with drugs, so Vinay really thinks he is Amar. Soon deceptive Vinay before Amar and may Arjun and his gang arrested sent.


The lyrics to music by Sachin Dev Burman Majrooh Sultanpuri and Shailendra wrote.


Dev Anand, a brother of director Vijay Anand, produced the film with his film company " Navketan Films" and took over the lead role. With its design of bars, movable walls, hidden safes, lifts and aircraft coined the movie design and features of many Hindi films of the late 1960s.


Filmfare Award 1968

  • Filmfare Award / Best Sound to J. M. Barot


  • Filmfare Award / Best Supporting Actress at Tanuja


In 1996, a sequel to the film was released with the title The Return of Jewel Thief. Dev Anand and Ashok Kumar are the only ones who represent their ancient roles in this film.