JFK/UMass (MBTA-Station)

JFK / UMass is the name of a metro station of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority ( MBTA ) in Boston's Dorchester, Massachusetts in the United States. It provides access to the line Red Line, the commuter trains of the MBTA Commuter Rail and Cape flyer. The name of the subway station goes back to the nearby building John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum ( JFK) and also the neighboring University of Massachusetts Boston ( UMass ). To both destinations are shuttle buses.


In 1845, the Old Colony Railroad opened its operating between Boston and Plymouth. 1926 closed the legal successor New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad her Shawmut branch and sold him to the Boston Elevated Railway, an early predecessor of today's MBTA. This opened the current station JFK / UMass under the name of Columbia together with the stations Savin Hill and Fields Corner on November 5, 1927. On 1 December 1982, the metro station in JFK / UMass has been renamed. Many signs wear but still the former name of Columbia as a subtitle. On December 14, 1988 for $ 13.5 million newly built platform for the Braintree branch of the Red Line was opened, which had not kept at the station until then. In September 1997, the lines Middleborough / Lakeville and Plymouth / Kingston were put back into operation, the corresponding platform in subway station was, however, released only on 30 April 2001.

Railway facilities

Track, signaling and safety systems

Metro Station has five tracks. Four of them are the Red Line are available and are two central platforms available, the last track, the share of the Cape flyer and the Commuter Rail trains is connected via a side platform. Since unite the two branches of the Red Line just north of the station into a single track, is indicated by a corresponding light signal at the platform on which side the next train will stop. The tracks of the Ashmont branch located on the west side of the Metro station, which the Braintree branch in the middle of the track and the Commuter Rail trains located on the east side.


The metro station is located at the address 599 Old Colony Ave. He is completely accessible.


At the station there are connections to four bus lines of the MBTA, moreover, are 18 bicycle parking spaces available. Are located in the immediate vicinity, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, the University of Massachusetts Boston, the Massachusetts Archives, Boston College High School as well as the headquarters of the Boston Globe.