Jhalawar State

Jhalawar (Hindi: झालावाड़, Jhālāvāṛ ) was one of the princely states of Rajputs in present-day Rajasthan ( British India ), named after the capital of the same name.

The Jhala dynasty comes from Halvad in Surendranagar district on the Kathiawar peninsula. The princely state was founded in 1838 by Maharaj Rana Madan Singh from parts of the state Kota. As 1896 Maharaj Rana Zalim Singh Bahadur died without heirs, the British disbanded the princely state, but were back in 1899 a new, reduced state Jhalawar. This 1941 had a surface area of ​​2106 km ² and a population of 120,000. On March 25 In 1948, his accession to the Union of Rajasthan, on 7 April 1949, the connection to India, on November 1, 1956, the resolution of the principality.

Jhalawar 1887-1900 had its own country with its own postal stamps.