Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje

  • Gopi Krishna: Girdhar
  • Sandhya: Neeladevi / Neela
  • Keshavrao Date: Mangal Maharaj
  • Bhagwan: Badlu
  • Madan Puri: Manilal
  • Manorama: Bindiya
  • Mumtaz Begum: Roopkalas mother
  • Nana Palsikar: Sadhu

Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje is a Hindi film directed by V. Shantaram in 1955, serving the classical dance of India as the main theme.


Neeladevi, a dancer, dancing in front of the professional dancers Mangal Maharaj and his son and disciple Girdhar. But Mangal is very dissatisfied with Neela's dance style. He can dance Girdhar and Neela feel the deep meaning of this art and asks Mangal to teach them. Even the hard training scares Neela not expire.

As Neela and Girdhar with the training for the prestigious Nateshwar - Utsav dance competition, which takes place only every ten years, begin, they fall in love. Then Mangal Maharaj is angry and is in every respect to emotional feelings between the two dancers, for they will focus on the art of dancing and just indulge her.

Therefore Neela withdraws from Girdhars life and brings her dance teacher to hate them. She even goes so far as to take his own life, but she survived. Neela gives up everything so that Girdhar is to leave in his art itself.

Now Girdhar needs a dance partner and so he and his father for Roopkala, a dancer who was trained by Mangal, but his art has shown poor decision.

Manilal, an admirer of Neela, Girdhar makes for Neela's contemptuous rejection towards him responsible. Therefore, he takes away Girdhars last dance partner Roopkala who had refused to dance.

Girdhar is now without a dance partner shortly before the disqualification until Neela appears for the dance competition and lists the Shiv - Parvati dance with him. Mangal can be softened when he realized how hard Neela was inferior. Finally, he brings the two lovers together again.


Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje was filmed in Technicolor.

The director Shantaram made ​​the dancer and actress Sandhya two years training for this film.


The lyrics to music by Vasant Desai wrote Hasrat Jaipuri.


Filmfare Award 1957

  • Filmfare Award / Best Film at Rajkamal Kalamandir
  • Filmfare Award / Best Director at V. Shantaram
  • Filmfare Award / Best Sound to A. K. Parmar
  • Filmfare Award / Best Art Direction at Canoe Desai

National Film Award

  • National Film Award / Second Best Film at V. Shantaram (1957 )