Ji-In Cho

Ji- In Cho ( born December 30, 1976 in Leverkusen ) is a German musician of Korean descent. She is best known as a singer of the metal band Krypteria and the pop band Become One, which was the result of the talent show Fame Academy.


At age six, Ji- In Cho began taking piano lessons. Later she studied Protestant theology at the University of Cologne and passed the state exam. This is followed by a study of music joined the Cologne University of Music in the disciplines of piano and vocals.

In 2000 she took without success at the first season of the talent show Popstars in part. In 2003 she participated in the talent show Fame Academy. For this show she took the Alanis Morissette - Ironic cover on. With five other winners, she was consequently Become One member of the group. After two singles and an album, the band split on 25 July 2004.

Already in 2003, Ji- In Cho met the guitarist Christoph Siemons and drummer Michael " SC" Kuschnerus from the musical project Krypteria know who produced the instrumental accompaniment to the show at the time for Fame Academy. In early 2005 they founded together with bassist Frank Stumvoll the rock band Krypteria.

2010 was considered one of the top 50 Koreans abroad Ji- In Cho of the Korean Newsweek.



  • October 2, 2003: Ironic ( Single; Sony / BMG)

With Become One

With Krypteria

  • July 25, 2005: In Medias Res ( Synergy / EMI )
  • August 4, 2006: Evolution Principle (EP; Synergy / EMI )
  • January 18, 2007: Blood Angel 's Cry ( Synergy / EMI )
  • August 28, 2009: My Fatal Kiss
  • April 22, 2011: All Beauty Must Die ( Liberatio )