Ji Yun-nam

Ji Yun -nam at the 2010 World Cup

Ji Yun -nam ( born November 20, 1976 in Pyongyang ) is a North Korean football player.


Ji has performed internationally as a player of the sports group April 25 in appearance, the club of the Korean People's Army.

The defensive player came in 2004 in three qualifying matches for the 2006 World Cup for the first time in the North Korean national team to use. In 2008 he was at the East Asia Championship both in qualifying and in the final round of the North Korean squad in the East Asian Cup 2010 he failed the team in the qualifying round.

In the successful qualification for the 2010 World Cup Ji advanced to the final round of qualifying in the squad and was in five games in the grid. In the decisive 0-0 on the final day against Saudi Arabia he wore the captain's armband. At the World Cup finals in South Africa he belonged to the North Korean squad and scored in the opening match against world champion Brazil in the 89th-minute goal for 1:2 final score; it remained the only goal of the tournament in North Korea.