Jia Kui (174-228)

Jia Kui (Chinese贾逵/贾逵, Pinyin Jiǎ Kui, * 174 in today's Lifen, Shanxi; † about 230), farm name Liangdao (梁 道), was a general and civil official of the late Chinese Han Dynasty and the subsequent Wei Dynasty.


Jia Kui, who came from today's Shanxi Province, rose under the Han Cao Cao Registrar from the city prefect of the Governor to the Secretary General of the Registrar on. He received an honorary degree and successfully defended his headquarters against an attack of the enemy's general Lü fan of the Wu Dynasty.

In the year 228, during the reign of the Wei emperor Cao Rui, Jia Kui pulled together with the generals Cao Xiu and Sima Yi against the Wu dynasty, to the seemingly renegade province governor Zhou Fang in his rebellion against the Wu emperor Sun Quan to support. However, Zhou Fang waste turned out to be the case out, and after Cao Xiu had suffered a crushing defeat against the army of Wu- General Lu Xun in the Battle of Shiting, Jia Kui had to stop his campaign and cover Cao Xiu's retreat.

After this incident, there is nothing recorded on Jia Kuis life. His son, Jia Chong later served also as general.