Jia Tong

Jia Tong (Chinese贾 童, Pinyin Jia Tong, * 1990) is a former Chinese water jumper, which started in the 10 - m tower and synchronized diving. She won two world titles between 2005 and 2007.

Jia abolished in 2005, still in the junior age, the opening in the top. At the World Championships in Montreal, she won the bronze medal in the individual from the tower and in synchronized competition with Yuan Peilin their first world title. Jia continued her success continued in the following year. First, she won the World Cup in Changshu the individual title from the tower, and later at the Asian Games in Doha. At the 2007 World Championships in Melbourne she could repeat the title in the 10 -meter synchro competition with their new synchro partner Chen Ruolin.

Jia lost in 2008 against Wang Xin, the team-internal duel for the qualification for the Olympic Games. You no longer competed in international competitions.