Jichang Garden

The Garden of distraction or garden of delight or Jichang Garden (Chinese寄 畅 园, Pinyin Jichang yuan) in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China, is one of the most famous private gardens in southern China and was about in the years 1506 to 1521 in the time of Ming Dynasty created as a family residence. The Emperor Qianlong Garden appreciated this so much that he called the " Garden of the harmonic mood " was create in Beijing according to this model in today's Summer Palace.

The garden has a narrow, elongated shape and covers about 9900 square meters. West and south of the garden is flanked by two mountains; the sources of a mountain accumulate in the lake of " coalesced brocade waves ", which forms the center of the garden. The inclusion of the two mountains in the garden design the man-made scenery and the natural landscape merge into a harmonious whole. Most of the buildings are no longer available; But has remained Receive et al the building " parapet of the knowledge of the fish ", which is surrounded on three sides by water and the counterpart is a group of stones, the so-called " beach, the crane steps " that protrude from the other side her into the water. The system is chosen so that the scene gives the impression of depth and distance.

On the west bank of the pond is a man-made mountain, which takes up the silhouette of a mountain environment. This artificial mountain intersects a plane formed from limestone, winding gorge so deep that it can happen to a man without being seen from outside. The canyon follows a stream with small waterfalls, after its rippling noise is, the gorge also "gorge of night sounds ."

The garden is available since 1988 on the list of monuments of the People's Republic of China ( 3-93 ).