Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings ( born November 3, 1952 in Youngstown, Ohio, actually James Jonah Cummings ) is an American voice actor.


Even as a small child had Jim Cummings pleasure to make noise and to disguise his voice. He had in 1985 in the series Dumbo 's Circus His first television appearances. In 1988 he took over in the respective films and series, the voice of Winnie the Pooh, the original spokesman Sterling Holloway had gone into retirement. Since 1999 he plays in the adventures of bear and Tigger, who was until then interpreted by Paul Winchell.

However, this is not the only case in which Cummings two main roles in the same production lent his voice. In Bonkers he spoke both of the same main character as well as his partner, the ill-tempered policemen Lucky. Other known roles that embodied Cummings in the Disney series, for example, were Darkwing Duck and Black Pete. Overall, he was heard to this day in nearly 300 cartoons and animated series.

Jim Cummings also works as a spokesperson for commercials and movie trailers.


Jim Cummings has been twice nominated for an Annie Award 1995 for his role of Mr. Bumpy in Bump in the Night in the category of Voice Acting in the Field of Animation and 2004 for his role Kaa the snake in The Jungle Book 2 in the category of Outstanding Voice Acting in a feature Production Animated. However, in two ceremonies he went home empty-handed.

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