Jim Redman

James Albert "Jim" Redman MBE ( born November 8, 1931 in Hampstead, England ) is a former Rhodesian motorcycle racer and six time world champion in the Motorcycle World Championship.

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In his youth Redman emigrated to the British colony of Rhodesia ( now Zimbabwe ) in order to drive there in the South African Championships for the first time.

Redman's international career began in the 1959 Grand Prix season, but without much success. He had planned to withdraw from the Grand Prix scene, the 1960 should also extend to no avail.

The fact that at the beginning of the 1960 season, the then young factory Honda rider had fallen out due to injury, Redman gave training rides at Honda. Right away he was able to beat the best times of regular drivers. And so Redman came in 1960 in the classes to 250 and to 350 cc Honda to. The 500 - cc class, he played on a Norton. He finished the championship in seventh place (with only four starts ) in the 250 - cm ³ - as fourth in the 350- cm ³ - and ninth in the 500 cc class.

In the season 1961 limited " Gentleman Jim ," as he was called to the scene, on two classes, the 125cc class, where he finished fourth in the standings, and the 250cc class, where he graduated as third overall.

In 1962, Redman started again in three World Championship classes, namely in the 125 - cc - 250 cc - and the 350- cc class and gained in the classes to 250 and to 350 cc World Championship; in the 125cc class he missed the title and only just finished the season as runner-up. Even today, debate as to whether the success of the combination Honda / Redman would have been possible if the Italian brand MV Agusta, which had dominated the motorcycle racing in previous years, not at the beginning of the season 1961 of the so-called " small classes " would have withdrawn (up to 350 cc ); Ultimately, however, this question is speculative.

The year 1963 was similarly successful. The team captain for the factory Honda team became Redman was again in the classes to 250 and to 350 cc World Champion and third in the 125cc class. In the season of 1964 it was not enough to double World Cup, but next to the title in the 350 cc class Redman won in classes to 125 and to 250 cc in the World Championship. In 1965 Jim Redman started in only two classes and won at the 350ern his sixth world title overall and third in the 250 cc class.

His last full World Cup season in 1966 he finished in the 250 cc class and third overall in the 500cc class as the fifth overall. Jim Redman gave the motorcycle racing after a broken arm on due to an accident at the Grand Prix of Belgium 1967.

In addition to his victories and titles in the motorcycle world championship Redman rounded off his track record with victories in the race in the 250 cc - and the 350 cc class of the Tourist Trophy on the Isle of Man in 1963, 1964 and 1965.

Redman remained throughout his racing career, up to the start in the years 1959 and 1960 in the 350 cc class and 500 - cc class at Norton, the Japanese brand Honda always faithful.

And even today (as of 2010 ) is Jim Redman, whose trademark was his no-frills, clean, thereby unspectacular acting style of driving, and never received during his playing days unnecessary risks, occasionally seen at veterans race.



  • 350 cc World Champion on Honda: 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965
  • 250 cc World Champion on Honda: 1962, 1963
  • South African 350- cc champion: 1957, 1960
  • South African 250 cc champion: 1962
  • 45 Grand Prix wins

Isle-of -Man TT victories

In the World Motorcycle Championship