Jim Rigsby

James "Jim" Rigsby ( born June 6, 1923 in Spadry, Arkansas; † August 31, 1952 in Dayton, Ohio) was an American race car driver.


Rigsby was a professional lobstermen. Besides Sprintcar race he started 1950-1952 in 14 races for AAA National Series. His best result was two fourth places he could enter 1952 in Milwaukee and Springfield.

In Indianapolis Ringby once stood at the start. After failing to qualify in 1950, he reached in 1952 with a gap of 16 seconds on the winner Troy Ruttman 12th grade. Since the race then counted with the Drivers' World Championship, is also a Grand Prix start in the statistics for him.

He had an accident in the same year, at a sprint -car race in Dayton, deadly.

Indy 500 Results