Jim Ringo

James Stephen "Jim" Ringo ( born November 21, 1931 in Orange County, New York, † 19 November 2007 in Chesapeake, Virginia ) was an American football player and coach and is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He was selected to the Pro Bowl during his career ten times.


As a player

Ringo played high school football at Phillipsburg High School in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. Later he played at Syracuse University.

In 1953 he was in the Entry Draft was committed by the Green Bay Packers, where he played for eleven years. His above-average sprinting power and technology made ​​him one of the best center of his time. With the Packers and played under four different coaches, the most successful period 1959-1963 he had under the fourth coach, Vince Lombardi. In the season of 1964 he was discharged after 126 consecutive games to the Philadelphia Eagles, the reasons for this are not known. Ringo ended his career with the Eagles after the season 1967.

As a coach

Ringo worked as an assistant coach with the Los Angeles Rams, Buffalo Bills, Chicago Bears, New England Patriots and the New York Jets. In 1976 he worked as Head coach for the Buffao Bills and trained among other OJ Simpson.