Jimmy Hollywood

Jimmy Hollywood is a film comedy starring Joe Pesci and Christian Slater from the year 1994.


Jimmy Alto dreaming for years of becoming an actor. He is friends with William, who suffers a head injury and resulting memory problems. Jimmy is robbed of his car radios and even decides to catch the thief. In taking William filming everything and bring the thief gagged before the police station. The next day it 's on the news, the two decide to go on.


  • Roger Ebert praised in the Chicago Sun - Times the " wonderful " film leader. Later, the film would be worse. Ebert praised the representations of Joe Pesci, Christian Slater and Victoria Abril.
  • Desson Howe wrote in the Washington Post that the film partly as a " dream factory " version of Falling Down - WOULD An ordinary day. The character of Jimmy Alto is implausible. Victoria Abril is a promising comedic talent.


The production of the comedy cost about 20 million U.S. dollars.