JIS X 0208

JIS X 0208 (Japanese 7ビット 及び8ビット の2バイト 情報 交換 用 符号 化 漢字 集合, dt "7- bit and 8 -bit paarbytekodierte Kanji sets for information exchange " ) is a character set and a Japan Industrial Standard encoding the Japanese writing system. It contains 6,879 characters. It was introduced in 1978 as JIS C 6226th 1983 the standard in its present name was renamed in 1990 and 1997, he has been revised.

The character set is a mixed 8 - and 16- bit character set. The first 128 code points are encoded in 8 bit and meet JIS- Roman. The following 128 code points are encoded in 16 bits in a 94 × 94 matrix, so theoretically 8,836 characters can be encoded. This system is also used by GB2312 and KS X 1001. Positions of individual characters are also described by their position in the 94 × 94 matrix, for example, the character "亜" is encoded in the 16 first bit and the second bit 1 and its position is therefore 16-01.

Kanji are encoded in two areas: the first area codes the 2965 most common kanji after the On- reading sorted, the second region encodes 3,390 additional kanji that are sorted by the sorting in a dictionary.

In addition to the Japanese fonts, the character set encoding nor the Latin, Greek and Cyrillic, frame drawing and various special characters.

Some characters that are encoded in the standard are not recorded in writing and have no readings or meanings. These signs are in Japan as yurei Moji (幽 文字, dt "ghost characters " cf yurei霊) known and arising out of errors when writing or reading the mostly handwritten traditional kanji.

Encodings based on JIS X 0208, are Shift -JIS, EUC -JP, and ISO -2022 -JP.

JIS X 0213 extends this character set by additional characters.