Jisk'a Iru Muqu

- 16.211111111111 - 69.763888888889Koordinaten: 16 ° 12 ' 40 "S, 69 ° 45' 50 " W

Jiskairumoko is an archaeological site in Peru, near the Lake Titicaca in the region Puno.


The name is a combination of the Aymara words " Iscah " ( small), " iru " (a certain Horst Grass), and " moko " (a small hill). So Jiskairumoko means a small hill with Horst grass.


The site was described in 1994 by Mark Aldenderfer. The first excavations took place in 1995. Jiskairumoko is the first archaeological excavation in the basin of Lake Titicaca. Further excavations took place from 1999 to 2004. The excavation site has an area of ​​about 4000 m².

Results and interpretations

The findings come from a period 3000-1400 BC

These grave goods, especially the oldest gold jewelry in America, which could be dated to around 2155-1936 BC.