Jiujiang County

The circle Jiujiang (Chinese九江 县) is a county of the prefecture-level city of Jiujiang in the southern Chinese province of Jiangxi. It has an area of 911 km ² and has 340,000 inhabitants ( 2006). Its main town is the large village Shahejie (沙河 街镇).

Administrative Divisions

At the community level, the circle of seven large municipalities and five municipalities is composed. These are

  • Greater community of Shahejie沙河 街镇
  • Greater community Mahuiling马 回 岭镇
  • Greater community Jiangzhou江 洲镇
  • Greater community Chengzi城子 镇
  • Greater community Gangkoujie港口 街镇
  • Great Xinhe新 合 镇
  • Greater community Shizi狮子 镇
  • Community Yong'an永安 乡
  • Community Yongquan涌泉 乡
  • Community Xintang新 塘乡
  • Community Chengmen城门 乡
  • Community Minshan岷山 乡