JJ Grey & Mofro are an American music group from Florida. Their music is a mix of genres: dar. soul, blues, Southern rock and funk

Band History

Originally from near Jacksonville, Florida John Grey Higginbotham (1967 ), short- JJ Grey, met in the late 1980s, the guitarist Daryl Hance and they formed the band Alma Zuma. In 1994, she brought a demo to England, where they were asked to sign a record deal. That did not happen, instead they found two new band members and began in 1998 as a new Mofro. Over the years, the cast kept changing and JJ Grey is the only fixed size of the band's history.

The musicians went back to the U.S., where they finally arrived at Fog City Records early 2000s. There, her debut album, Blackwater was produced, which was released in 2001, followed by Lochloosa ( 2004). Over the years grew through tours and gigs their notoriety. In 2006 she switched to the blues label Alligator Records with the same producer Dan Prothero, but now under the name of JJ Grey & Mofro. With their first album with the new label Country Ghetto then they had their first major success, there were in the independent album charts. Very positive reviews got one and a half years later published Orange Blossoms, with whom she first moved into the official album charts. With album number five Georgia Warhorse they finally made ​​it in 2010 even up to number 74 on the Billboard 200 in 2011, the band released with Brighter Days their first live album, which is also available on DVD.



  • Blackwater ( as Mofro, 2001)
  • Lochloosa (as Mofro, 2004)
  • Country Ghetto (2007)
  • Orange Blossoms (2008)
  • Georgia Warhorse (2010)
  • Brighter Days (2011)
  • This River (2013 )