The JNG -90, also called " Bora ", is a Turkish sniper rifle Makina ve Kimya company Endüstrisi Kurumu ( MKEK ).

History of development

Developed the JNG -90 was presented by MKEK in the years 2004 to 2008. The public was in 2007 in the International Defence Industry Fair ( IDEF ) in Ankara.


The JNG -90 features a free-floating barrel, a muzzle brake, a straight pull, an aluminum case, a polymer frame, a bipod, a removable 10 cartridges comprehensive magazine, and a fully adjustable shoulder rest.

It can absorb various extensions such as night vision sight, tactical light, laser sight, handle or similar means of integrated Picatinny rails or NATO Accessory Rails.

The effective range is up to 1200 meters.


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