JNR Class C60

The vehicles of the series C60 ( C60 jap形 蒸 気 机关 车, C60 - gata Joki Kikansha, dt "Steam Locomotive Type C60 ") of the Japanese National Railways ( JNR ) were steam locomotives with the wheel arrangement 2'C2 ' ( " Hudson ").

The 47 locomotives originated 1953 to 1961 through the conversion of surplus 2'C1 ' ( "Pacific ") locomotives of the series C59 in the JNR works in Hamamatsu and Kōriyama. 39 locomotives were converted from pre-war C59 and got the car numbers 1 to 39, while a further eight operating numbers 101 received from post-war C59 to 108. As with the progressive electrification of a lower axle load was more important than the pure traction, the new series C60 received an additional barrel axis to reduce the high axle load of C59 and to allow a wider range of conditions.

The series has been mainly used in Passagierzugbetrieb in the region of Tohoku and Kyushu. To see but they were also in double traction or even triple traction along with the series C61 and D51 both before passenger and freight trains north of Morioka on the Tōhoku Main Line.

The last C60 was placed out of service in 1971. Only one locomotive is still preserved, the C60 1 in Sakuragaoka Park in Sendai.

Remodeling details

Model Railway

The Micro- Ace manufactures since 1998, two different models for gauge N: C60 101 Akatsuki in complete black finish and C60 7 Hakutsuru with white lines and red coupling rods.