JNR Class C62

The vehicles of the class C62 ( C62 jap形 蒸 気 机关 车, C62 - gata Joki Kikansha, dt "Steam Locomotive Type C62 ") of the Japanese National Railways ( JNR ) were steam locomotives with the wheel arrangement 2'C2 ' ( " Hudson ").

The 49 locomotives originated in 1948 and 1949 by a very extensive reconstruction from surplus 1'D1' locomotives of Class 52 and were the largest and most powerful steam locomotives of JNR. One of the locomotives is said to have reached 127 km / h, so it belongs to the class 16E of the South African Railways of the fastest narrow gauge steam locomotives in the world. External marking of the locomotives were Boxpok wheels and skirting. For the first time in Japan a stoker was installed.

The locomotives were used, among other things, for the Tsubame - Express on the main route between Tokyo and Osaka, the former showpiece of JNR, which made them the most famous locomotives in the country.

The last C62 was placed out of service in 1973. The locomotives C62 C62 2 and 3 have been preserved; former is in working condition.