Joanna Newsom

Joanna Newsom Caroline ( born January 18, 1982 in Nevada City, California) is an American singer, harp player and song writer.


Newsom studied music and creative writing at Mills College in Oakland, near San Francisco. Since the age of seven she plays harp and received this high level of virtuosity in an exceptional and in many ways unique style.

After they played in the domains of Groups Golden Shoulders and The Pleased keyboard, she felt the need in 2002 to playing the harp and singing.

With their songs Newsom quickly became one of the most important representatives of the new, modern folk movement in the U.S., known as the New Folk, Psychedelic Folk, New Weird America or Freak Folk. Newsom's music combines various genres such as indie pop, Appalachian music and avant-garde modernism.

Besides her soulful harp playing and her lyrically substantial, avant-garde texts particularly sensitive interpretation of their songs is striking. With a high pitch and sometimes almost childlike timbre Newsom strives to give every sound and every syllable by fine gradations of intonation and articulation an individual expression.

Twelve of their unique compositions assembled them in 2004 on their album The Milk - Eyed Mender, whose publication drew high praise involvement, especially with music critics. However, it was also allows them to a wider audience appeal, on the circle of fans of specific genres.

In November 2006 appeared Newsom's second album, Ys. The two letters Y and S came as a theme before, only in a dream Newsoms, but are based on the mythical city of Ys in Brittany. Produced by Steve Albini and Van Dyke Parks arranged orchestral album contains over 55 minutes was only five pieces. Newsom processed in several particularly serious personal experiences and tragedies of recent times. Your relevant stories are encrypted for the listener inaccessible in the lyrics, but through the composition they were made very well audible. Ys received after the publication of attention and appreciation in both the German feuilleton as well as well-known websites such as Pitchfork Media, Intro, or Spiegel Online, which celebrated the album with reviews at the top of their scales.

In February 2010 Newsom published with the triple album Have One on Me her third studio album, which she first achieved top 40 rankings in Europe.



  • 2004 - The Milk - Eyed Mender
  • 2006 - Ys
  • 2010 - Have One on Me (3 CDs)

Mini - albums

  • 2002 - Walnut Whales
  • 2003 - Yarn and Glue
  • 2007 - Joanna Newsom & the Ys Street Band

Known songs

  • Sprout and the Bean
  • Sadie
  • The Book of Right -On
  • En Gallop
  • Clam Crab Cockle Cowrie
  • Bridges and Balloons
  • Peach, Plum, Pear
  • Flying a Kite

Private life

In February 2013, the engagement of Joanna Newsom was announced with actor Andy Samberg after a five year relationship.

Quotes about Joanna Newsom

"With pop music has to do all this only in passing. Pop also hardly play harp, they rarely study composition and creative writing. And very, very few pop musicians ever take on a plate in which after the third listen you know. Anything better, there will be no more this season "

"... The next Radiohead, Kid A 'and Wilco, A Ghost Is Born' most significant and most touching album of this decade. [ ... ] Five songs [ ... ] whose perfection and radiance without example. [ ... ] A life without this record is none. "