Job Adams Cooper

Job Adams Cooper ( born November 6, 1843 in Greenville, Illinois, † January 20, 1899 ) was an American politician ( Republican) and from 1889 to 1891, the sixth Governor of the State of Colorado.

Early years and political rise

Cooper visited the Knox College. His education was interrupted by the Civil War. During this war, he served in an infantry regiment from Illinois. After his military service, he studied law, after which he was admitted to the bar in 1867.

Cooper's political rise began still in Illinois. Between 1868 and 1872 he was employed in the management of Bond County. In 1872, he moved to Colorado, where he worked as an attorney in Denver. Between 1872 and 1888, he expanded his business and was also in the insurance and banking, as well as mining and livestock active. In 1888 he was elected governor of his state, where he prevailed with 54:43 percent of the vote to Democrat Thomas MacDonald Patterson.

Governor of Colorado

Cooper took up his new post on January 8, 1889. In his two-year tenure an orphanage was established in Denver. Then also emerged 13 new districts in Colorado. Cooper renounced in 1890 on a renewed candidacy and therefore different on January 13, 1891 from his office.

After the end of his tenure, Cooper again devoted his business affairs. He was working as a lawyer again. He also founded a construction company that built the Cooper Building in Denver. Between 1893 and 1897 Cooper was president of the local Chamber of Commerce. On January 20, 1899 Cooper died at the age of 55 years. He was married to Jane O. Barnes, with whom he had four children.