Jocky Wilson

John Thomas " Jocky " Wilson ( born March 22, 1950 in Kirkcaldy, † March 24, 2012 ) was a Scottish World Champion in the sport of darts.


Jocky Wilson played from 1979 to 1993 as a professional of the British Darts Organisation ( BDO). He could in 1982 ( against John Lowe ) and 1989 ( against Eric Bristow ) the Lakeside Professional World Darts Championship win.

In 1993 he was one of the contributors involved darts player who broke away from the BDO and the Professional Darts Corporation ( PDC) established. However, he could see the strong performances, which he had rendered in the BDO, the PDC does not repeat. His greatest achievement in this period was to reach the quarter-finals at the World Matchplay 1994.

Wilson, who worked in the mining industry before his career as a professional darts player, was known to drink a lot of alcohol on the Dartbühne up to five pints of beer (about 2.9 liters ) in the evening. At 28, he had lost all his teeth, as he never cleaned it, on the grounds that his grandmother had assured him that the British would poison the water. After winning his first world title, he could be done for £ 1200 a set of teeth, which he never wore, because he had it, he said burp.

Before winning the World Cup 1982 Jocky Wilson had been blocked for some time because he had beaten an arbitrator. Background was a disagreement about the time held the Falklands War. Wilson was married to a Argentinean who also patriotic name Malvina ( the Argentine name of the Falkland Islands Malvinas is ) and Eva Peron Evita after wearing. The couple had three children. 1983 Wilson published his autobiography Jocky Wilson 's Own Story.

Jocky Wilson suffered from serious diseases, including COPD, which resulted from his strong alcohol, tobacco, and candy consumption, but probably also to his work as a miner. This eventually led to the end of his career in 1995. However, he announced this is not official, but emerged after World Matchplay 1995 and lived since then sealed off from the public in his hometown, all interviews dismissive. He lived on a disability pension.

2011 turned Julian Schwanitz a 18-minute documentary about Wilson: Kirkcaldy Man. In November 2013 it was announced that a movie will be made ​​about his life.