Joe Higgs

Joe Higgs ( born June 3, 1940 in Trench Town; † 18 December 1999) was a Jamaican reggae musician.

He is considered one of the founders of Reggae, also, because he had great influence as a teacher at the later reggae artist Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Jimmy Cliff. Even Higgs toured in 1973 with Marley, Tosh and the Wailers in the U.S. as a background vocalist, as Bunny Livingston did not want to tour in America. After the death of Marley and Tosh Higgs coverte also songs of his students. In his own songs, he dealt primarily living in poverty in Trench Town ( Kingston), where Higgs had grown up.

Higgs died in 1999 from cancer.

  • Reggae singer
  • Jamaican
  • Born in 1940
  • Died in 1999
  • Man