Joe Jacoby

  • Washington Redskins (1981-1993)
  • 4 × Pro Bowl selection ( 1983-86 )
  • 5 × All-Pro selection ( 1983-1987 )
  • NFL 1980s All- Decade Team
  • 3 × Super Bowl champion (XV, XXII XXVI)
  • 4 × NFC champion (1982, 1983, 1986 )
  • 70 Greatest Redskins
  • Washington Redskins Ring of Fame
  • Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame (1999)

Joseph Erwin Jacoby ( born July 6, 1959 in Louisville, Kentucky ) is a former American professional American football player. He played as an offensive tackle in the National Football League ( NFL ) for the Washington Redskins.

Playing career

College career

Joe Jacoby graduated from the University of Louisville for their football team, the Louisville Cardinals, he played offensive tackle as 1978-1980. In his last game year he served as captain of the Cardinals.

Professional career

In 1981, Joe Gibbs had taken over the office of the Head coach for the Washington Redskins. Jacoby had personally appealed to him because he was not taken in the NFL Draft. Gibbs gave him a chance and Jacoby received after the pre-season training a professional contract with the Redskins. Jacoby has been used as a rookie as a starter at the position of offensive tackles. He had the task of protecting their own quarterback Joe Theismann and John Riggins running back to block the way into the opponent's end zone free. The Redskins had taken the same year as Jacoby and Russ Grimm and Mark May under contract. Together with the already under contract with the team Jeff Bostic and George Starke, they formed the offensive line, which became known as The Hogs in the history of the NFL.

In 1982, then Jacoby scored the first big success. After a 31:17 victory over the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC Championship game the Redskins were able to defeat the Miami Dolphins with 27:17 in the then following Super Bowl XVII. Jacoby had in the victory of his team not insignificant proportion. At the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Redskins were back with 17:13. With Jacoby as a blocker succeeded in running back John Riggins to achieve a 43 yards touchdown.

The year 1983 was successful for Jacoby and the Redskins. After a record of fourteen wins from two losses had to be in the NFC Championship Game, the San Francisco 49ers defeated the Redskins with 24:21. Jacoby and the team from Washington, D.C. but lost the Super Bowl XVIII against the Los Angeles Raiders with 38:9.

In 1986, Joe Jacoby was with the Redskins against the New York Giants again in the NFC Championship Game. The game ended with a 17-0 defeat of the Redskins.

1987 Joe Jacoby was then able to win his second Super Bowl. Doug Williams took over the position of the starting quarterbacks during the season. With the help of his offensive line, he led the team to a 17:10 victory over the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship Game. The following Super Bowl XXII, the Redskins were able to achieve 280 Yards space thanks Laufpspiel, Williams also showed a very good performance. At 42:10 victory over the Denver Broncos, he threw four touchdowns.

After a regular season with 14 wins from 16 games Jacoby was able to successfully complete the 1991 season. After a 41:10 victory in the NFC Championship game on the Detroit Lions, followed by a 37:24 victory over the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVI. In both games, it did not succeed, the opposing defense to overcome the offensive line to the Redskins quarterback Mark Rypien to get behind the line of scrimmage with a sack to case. Joe Jacoby ended after the 1993 season, his career.

After playing career

Joe Jacoby operation after his career until 2008 in a car commercial. Since 2008 he is assistant coach of the football team of Shenandoah University.


Joe Jacoby played four times in the Pro Bowl five times and was selected to the All- Pro. The Washington Redskins honor him in their stadium, the FedExField, on the Ring of Fame. He is on the list of the 70 Greatest Redskins. Jacoby is a member of the NFL 1980s All- Decade Team and the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame.