Joe Lando

Joe Lando ( born December 9, 1961 as Joseph John Lando in Prairie View, Illinois ) is an American actor.


Joe Lando grew up in Prairie View, Illinois, to his parents, Joe and Virginia and his older sister, Kathy. He has Italian, Russian and Polish ancestors. While he studied acting, he worked as a cook at a restaurant in Hollywood, where a casting agent noticed him and him for the role of a Coast Guard officer in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home undertook (1986).


From 1990 to 1992 played Lando Jake Harrison on the soap opera love, lies, passion before 1993 with the role of Byron Sully, a friend of the Cheyenne Indians in the Western series Dr. Quinn - Medicine Woman on the side of Jane Seymour was known.

Lando has since played in numerous television and feature films, but was unable to repeat his success with Dr. Quinn so far. In the spring of 2012, he took a supporting role in the series The Secret Circle.


Lando is married since May 24, 1997 Kirsten Barlow, with whom he had four children (* 1998, * 2001, * 2003, * 2007).

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