Johan Anker

Johan August Anker (* June 26, 1871 in Berg ( now Halden ), Østfold, † October 2, 1940 in Halden ) was a Norwegian sailor, Olympic champion, yacht designer and shipyard owner.

Youth and Education

Anchor was the son of wholesalers Christian August Anker (1840-1912) and Christine Charlotte Friis ( 1848-99 ). He sailed from childhood, but was also a good ski and ice skaters. Even as a 17 -year-old he built his first boat regatta, the half -deck Fri, with whom he also had racing success. He finished his education at the Royal Institute of Technology from Charlottenburg as a naval architect. He then joined in Halden in the company of his father.

Early on, Johan Anker was intensely occupied with yacht builder and boat design. In 1905, he bought into the Christian Jensen Baatbyggeri ( AD Jensen boat building ) in solid, Asker on the Oslo Fjord (Norway ) a. After joining the company name (company) has been changed to anchor & Jensen shipyard. Johan Anker took over the yacht design, Christian Jensen (* 1871, † 1949) was responsible for the boat building. 1915 took over Johan Anker as sole shareholder the entire shipyard, but kept its well-established name Anker & Jensen.

The first successes as a sailor and designer

The international trade world for the first time on Johan Anker attention by his performance at the Olympic Games in 1908, when he (forward = ) finished on the Solent with its 8mR Regatta Yacht Fram twice second places. His international breakthrough he experienced at the Kieler Woche 1909, when he won this class IV with the self-designed 12-Metre boat fire.

In 1911, he won on the Solent in the Coronation Regatta with the 12-Metre Regatta Yacht blind. With these successes, he had made himself a name as a successful yacht designer in the at that time very popular meter class. His designs were characterized by long overhangs from the bow and stern area. His designs were and are as beautiful ships and he got the part of international yacht journalists the honorary title of Master of lines ( master of lines) awarded.

Famous structures

Johan anchor racing success continued into at the

  • Olympic Games in Stockholm in 1912 by winning the gold medal in the 12-Metre class and the
  • Olympic Games in Amsterdam in 1928 by winning the gold medal in the 6mR class. Here he won the helm with the yacht Norna, as a team member was the Norwegian King Olav on board.

Johan Anker designed various meter yachts, but his most famous yacht design is the three - man keelboat dragon from the year 1929. In 1924, the Göteborgs Kungliga Segelsällskap for a new device class announced a competition that and a Length of 9 meters should have about 20 square meters sail area. Anchor won the competition with his design for the dragon. The dragon was 1948-1972 Olympic boat class and is still very widely used internationally today.

Known yacht designs by Johan Anker

  • Norna, 6mR
  • Fire IV, 12mR, 1909
  • Titania, 12mR, 1910
  • Rollo, 12mR, 1911
  • Danseuse, 12mR, 1911
  • Magda IX, 12mR, 1912
  • Ayesha, ex Hadumoth, 6mR, 1912
  • Corona, 12mR, 1913
  • Sibyllan, 12mR, 1913
  • Storm, 12mR, 1913
  • Thea, 12mR, 1918
  • Figaro II, 12mR, 1918
  • Figaro III, 12mR, 1924
  • Cotton Blossom II, Q -Class, 1925 ( owner: Dennis Conner )
  • Magda XI, 12mR, 1928
  • Dragon, device class, 1929
  • Silja, 8mR, 1930, Silver Medal 1936
  • Vema III, 12mR, 1933
  • Figaro VI, 12mR, 1936


" He was an artist. The aesthetics of the lines played an important role for him. "