Johann Ambrosius Bach

Johann Ambrosius Bach (born 22 Februarjul / March 4 1645greg in Erfurt, .. .. † 20 Februarjul / March 2 1695greg in Eisenach ) was a German musician.

Life and work

The son of Erfurt city Piper Christoph Bach and his wife Magdalena, born Grabler, already received the age of nine in Arnstadt a musical education, remained after his father's death (1661 ) a few years in Arnstadt and then went as Kunstpfeifergesell on the journey. 1667, he joined, as before his father, in the Erfurt Music Council, which was then headed by his uncle Johann. Johann Ambrosius married in the church Elisabeth Kaufmann Lemmerhirt from Erfurt, from whose family already Johann had married a woman. He lived at Junkersand 3rd 1671 he moved as the Court and town musician about to Eisenach, where, among others, his son Johann Sebastian Bach was born.

Whether Ambrose has written, is not known, at least, nothing has received. In the only surviving document of the wedding song " My friend you are beautiful " his twin brother Johann Christoph Bach the Elder can be found in the occupation of the violin the handwriting of Johann Ambrosius Bach. Significantly, he is the founder of the collection of compositions of the older Bach family, under the name should gain Altbachisches archive in the music world notoriety later and received since the beginning of the 19th century to the present in the existing collection of the Sing- Akademie zu Berlin. Ambrosius Bach seems to have brought the Eisenach music on a heretofore unknown level. The surviving evidence about him are certainly full of praise:

" [ Ambrosius Bach ] has in his profession so qualificirt that he both vocal - as intrumental Music beym God can come service VND honest meetings with high vndt low notables good pleasure, so that we UNSS likewise as far as we gedencken, local Orths do not remember. "


" 1672 has the new home three beaten on Easter with organ, violin, singing and trumpets and timpani with the army that no cantor or house husband because Eisenach stood not happen. "


His marriage to Elizabeth Lämmerhirt eight children were born, of whom five reached adulthood ( dates according to the Julian calendar provided prior to the year 1700):

After his wife Elizabeth after 26 years of marriage, died shortly before Easter of the year 1694, Johann Ambrosius decided who was the father of three babes at this time, to re- marriage, with the 36 -year-old Barbara Margaretha Bartholomew, the self- mother was of two young daughters, and recently also become a widow. The marriage took place on November 27, 1694. However, Johann Ambrosius died after only 3 months of marriage on February 20, two days before his 50th birthday. Ambrosius Bach also enjoyed a good reputation after his death in Eisenach. His widow applied for a year of grace, which formulated the cantor of Eisenach, Andreas Dedekind, as they then could not speak for herself as a woman. She received the salary of 40 thalers Ambrosius Bach for half a year. About their future whereabouts are unknown.