Johann Baptist Zimmermann

Johann Baptist Zimmermann ( born January 3, 1680 in Gaispoint, today Wessobrunn, † March 2, 1758 in Munich) was a German painter and plasterer of the Baroque and Rococo.


His parents were the plasterer Elias Zimmermann ( born June 20, 1656 in Gaispoint; † about 1696 ) and Justina carpenter born Rohrmoser (*, ? † October 20, 1717 in Wessobrunn ).

Like his younger brother Dominic Zimmermann, with whom he collaborated frequently, Johann Baptist Zimmermann Wessobrunner the school is allocated. On March 28, 1705 he married Elisabeth Ostermayr who was in the service of the Countess Maxlrain and settled in 1707 in maxlrain'schen market Miesbach down where his five children were born and baptized, including his sons and close aides Johann Joseph and Franz Michael.

In 1715 he settled in the Prince Bishop's Residenz town of Freising, from which he worked mainly for Ottobeuren Abbey. There he made the acquaintance of the Venetian Jacopo Amigoni, 1719 painted his first ceiling picture for this monastery church. The attention of the court architect Joseph Effner was probably drawn to Zimmermann by whose mediation. So he became probably the stucco of the staircase of Schloss Schleißheim its first order for the Munich court. Around 1720 he moved there, was in 1729 appointed Hofstuckateur with Hofschutz and also became the preferred plasterer of the Bavarian nobility.


( DR) documented works on which his brother Dominic Zimmermann collaborated.