Johann Conrad Amman (1724-1811)

Johann Conrad Ammann ( born December 24, 1724 in Schaffhausen, † October 11, 1811 ) was a Swiss physician, natural history and art collector.

1749, he received his doctorate in Leiden as a doctor of medicine and worked thereafter as a general practitioner in Schaffhausen, where he married in 1762 Margaretha gesture field.

Johann Conrad Ammann became known through his collection of fossils and from the Conchylia located near Schaffhausen Randen mountain range.

There to his person in existing documents numerous variations of the spelling of both the family name (" Amman ", " Amann " ) and the name ( " John Conrad ", etc.) as well as confusion with the 1669 also born in Schaffhausen, and later also in suffering living, but there 1724 died doctor and deaf teacher Johann Conrad Ammann.