Johann Friedrich Goldbeck

Johann Friedrich Goldbeck ( born September 22, 1748 in Insterburg, East Prussia, † April 9, 1812 in Schaaken, district Königsberg, East Prussia ) was a German Protestant theologian and topographer in Königsberg in Prussia.


Goldbeck first visited the great Latin city school Insterburg and from 1761 to 1764, the Frederick College in Königsberg. Since 1764 he studied theology at the University of Königsberg. In 1769 he was steward of a Prussian nobleman, whom he accompanied in 1771 to Magdeburg. In 1772, he became a teacher at the nearby near Magdeburg monastery mountains, a Benedictine monastery. A year later, he was chaplain at the Infantry Regiment von Rohr (No. 15) in Graudenz. In 1783 he was appointed archpriest ( Superintendent ) of the parish Schaaken appointed.

After a few publications on theological and educational issues Goldbeck gave out his since 1781, still in use today Literary News of Prussia, which consist of two parts. His most important work is his two-piece full topography of the Kingdom of Prussia ( 1785 and 1789 ). Goldbeck was an honorary member of the Royal Society German (Königsberg ).

Works (selection)

  • Dedicated to all the beneficent princes and grosmüthigen philanthropists, 1781: On the education of the orphans.
  • News from the Royal University of Königsberg in Prussia and there located teaching, school and educational institutions. Graudenz 1782 (online, Google).
  • Literary news of Prussia Part I, Leipzig and Dessau 1781 (online, MDZ).
  • Part II, Leipzig and Dessau 1783 (online, Google)
  • Part I, the topography of East Prussia containing, Marienwerderstraße 1785 (online, Google); Volständige topography of the East Prussian Cammer department (online, Google); Volständige topography from Littthauischen Cammer department (online, Google)
  • Part II, the topography of West Prussia containing, Marienwerderstraße 1789 (online, Google); Volständige topography of the West Prussian Cammer department (online, Google)