Johann Heinrich Westphal

Johann Heinrich Christoph Westphal ( born January 31, 1794 in Schwerin, † September 1831 in Sicily ) was a German independent scholar, astronomer and writer.

He was the youngest son of the Schwerin Cathedral organist and mathematics teacher Johann Jacob Heinrich Westphal.

After his high school school he joined in 1813 the Lützow'schen volunteer corps and fought as an officer in France. Subsequently, he studied at Göttingen where he (1817 Demonstrationum Compositionis Virium expositio de iisque judicium, Göttingen ) acquired in 1817 with a historical- critical essay on the parallelogram of forces doctoral degrees. After a teaching job at Johann Peter Hundeikers educational institution, the philanthropist in Vechelde, he spent three years at the Gymnasium of Danzig professor of mathematics and then moved to Szczecin, where he gave lectures on astronomy.

Westphal 1822 first traveled to Egypt in order to then settle down as a private scholar in Naples. New study trips he made both on the Nile and in Italy, where he Sicily on the way from Syracuse to Termini suffered a violent colic at the age of 37 years and died.


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