Johann Jakob Zeiller

Johann Jakob Zeiller or Zeiler ( born July 8, 1708 Reutte, Tirol, † July 8, 1783 ) was an Austrian painter.


Johann Jakob Zeiller has been taught as a boy in the Reutte panel painting school of his father Paul Zeiller ( 1658-1738 ). 1723 began his apprenticeship with Sebastiano Conca in Rome and then from 1729 to 1732 with Francesco Solimena in Naples. From there, Johann Jakob Zeiller moved directly to Vienna, where he worked from 1733 to 1743, including as an employee of Paul Troger. Incidentally visited Zeiller in Vienna determined the Art Academy, just to get the coveted title of an imperial court painter. By 1737 this earned privilege he could be free from all business tax, with as many assistants as necessary not only in the kk Ancestral lands, but also in the " kingdom " work.

Through the mediation of Paul Troger whose style Zeiller dominated, he received the first major order for the frescos of the newly built church Cistercian monastery in Fuerstenzell. His great empathy for the specific tasks of monumental decorative painting shows, inter alia, in probably the greatest Baroque dome fresco ( ca.1300m ² ) above the rotunda of the monastery church of Ettal: In its most extreme form of illusionistic scheme, it negates the dome shell completely and provides in this immeasurable effect of width a high point in the entire ceiling painting of the 18th century dar.

The active mainly in southern Germany fresco painter moved around 1755 to Reutte. There Zeiller took over the workshop of his father, in the previously his brother Balthasar Riepp had worked.

The work Zeiller confined largely to the sacral painting. He was mainly fresco painter and led the way, numerous panel paintings ( altarpieces, portraits) in oil on canvas from.


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