Johann Karl, Count Chotek of Chotkow and Wognin

Johann Karl ( since 1745), Count of Chotková Chotkowa and Wognin, ( born October 29, 1704 Prague, † November 8, 1787 in Vienna) was a Bohemian-Austrian court chancellor in the service of the monarchy of Austria - Hungary.


Count Johann Karl Chotková came from the Bohemian ancient noble family of Chotková of Chotkow and Wognin from its headquarters Chockow at Radnitz (District of Pilsen) and was a son of the Bohemian baron, in the Czech earldom and 1745 collected in the Imperial Count Wenzel Ritter Chotková from 1702 1723 Chotkow and Wognin (1674-1754), on Bieloschitz and his wife Maria Theresia Scheidler Scheid learning, on Jeniowes ( Jenineves ) and Weltrus ( Vertrusy ) at Melnik on the Elbe, which as a dowry in this rule in their possession on October 28, 1698 Prague contracted marriage brought, and thus enabled the rise of social Chotková. She was a daughter of Ferdinand Scheidler ( Zeidler ) of Zeidler called Hofmann, royal captain of the Lesser Town and country eunuchs in the Kingdom of Bohemia, and of Maria Theresa, nee Countess Losy of Losimthal, at that time one very wealthy couples in Bohemia.


Johann Karl Chotková of Chotkowa and Wognin (1704-1787), on Jeniowes and Weltrus (since 1745) Reichsgraf, married on 25 May 1740 in Vienna, Anna Maria Theresia, née Countess Kottulinsky of Kottulin and Krzizkowitz ( born June 17, in 1711 in Vienna, † March 26, 1798 ibid ), widowed Countess de Hatois Browne, from a family in Silesia and a daughter of Count Franz Karl Kottulinsky of Kottulin and the Countess Maria Antonia of red valley. The son of the couple, Count Johann Karl Chotková and Anna Maria Theresia Countess Chotková was Johann Nepomuk Rudolph Graf Chotková of Wognin, born on 17 May 1748 in Vienna and ibid died on 26 August 1824 in Prague and 1802 Oberstburgraf Gubernialpräsident in the Kingdom of Bohemia 1805 Kk State and conference minister, married on 18 May 1772 Maria Sidonia Gräfin von Clary - Aldringens, their marriage came eight children and caused by four of her sons FOUR LINES of the Imperial Count Chotková of Wognin.

Count Johann Karl Chotková had the older brother Rudolph Graf Chotková of Chotkow (1708-1771), 1761-1771 High Chancellor of the kingdom of Bohemia, Familienfideikommissgründer with the dominions Jeniowes ( Jenineves ) and Weltrus ( Vertrusy ), his mother's dowry, by whose possession he the hereditary Reichrath dignity in the Austrian mansion received and in 1737 Maria Aloysia Stephanie Countess Kinsky of Wchinitz and Tetau, widow of Vrbno ( Wrbna ) and Freudenthal married. They are the grandparents of Ferdinand Maria Chotková of Chotkow (1781-1836), Prince-Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Olomouc in Moravia


Count Johann Karl Chotková of Chotkowa and Wognin was an imperial governor of Upper Palatinate and as Feldzeugmeister Imperial General War Commissary in Italy, then kk Direktorialkanzler and a Bohemian-Austrian Court Chancellor, Knight of the Order of St. Wenceslas and winner of the Grand Cross of the Order of Saint Stephen. In 1753 the Palais Strozzi gave him the Austrian Empress Maria Theresia von Habsburg-Lothringen in der Josefstadt (Vienna), to which he let grow a side wing. Further expansion plans were hampered by the Seven Years' War (1756-1763) and financial difficulties forced him to larger parts of the associated garden for sale.