Johann Sigismund Scholze

Johann Sigismund Scholze alias Sperontes (* March 20, 1705 in Lobendau at Liegnitz (today Lubiatów as part of the rural community of Złotoryja ); † September 28, 1750 in Leipzig) was a native of Silesia German music collector and author.


Little is known about the life Scholzes. He was the son of an office clerk and attended school in Legnica in Silesia until the beginning of his studies in Leipzig. In 1729 he was " Studiosus " in Leipzig and also appeared as " candidatus juris ". On January 3, he was married in Leipzig on order of the Consistory with the widow of a Traiteurs from Halle, with whom he had begun a relationship. The children died early. Only one survived him. His wife died on 12 February 1738. His own funeral in poor form was on September 30 in 1750.

Knowing that there is always hiding just under the pseudonym of Johann Sigismund Scholze published Sperontes, we owe the musicologist Philipp Spitta, who published a fundamental work to Sperontes 1885.


His most famous work is the collection of songs Scholzes " Sperontes, Singing Muse at the Pleisse in two times 50 Oden, the latest and greatest musical pieces with the corresponding melodies to popular piano practice and Gemütsergötzung. In addition to an annex of J. C. Günther's poems. Leipzig. At the expense of cheerful company in 1736. " The aforementioned JC Guenther is the in 1723 deceased, also originally from Silesia poet Johann Christian Günther, and the funny Society was a music student performers Pääbo's group at the beginning of the 18th century, who also J.Ch. Günther was close to her or belonged. The collection was expanded and underwent numerous editions, in 1740 by Breitkopf & Härtel one of the first editions of the music publisher. The "Singing Muse" is primarily a collection of relatively simple melodies that can be performed instrumentally and those Scholze has placed under their own texts. She has influenced contemporary and subsequent composers.

Scholze pushing the lyrics to three pastorals

  • The Kätzgen, a pastoral play, Leipzig 1746. Microfiche outputs. Saur, Munich 1990, ISBN 3-598-52638-5
  • The Kirms, Leipzig 1746
  • The Garter. Stopffel, Leipzig 1748.

Scholze was involved by his pen name also to two musical comedies, namely at The Spring, set to music by JGA Fritz, and Winter.