Johann Staden

Johann Staden ( baptized on July 2, 1581 in Nuremberg, where buried on 15 November 1634) was a German organist and composer.


From 1604 he was on duty as a prince of Brandenburg court organist at Bayreuth and Kulmbach. He returned later than 1616 back to Nuremberg, where he organist at the Church of the New Hospital was this year. In the same year he moved to the Church of St. Lorenz, 1618 at St. Sebald. His son Sigmund Theophil Staden (1607-1655) as well as his son David Schedlich (1607-1687) also worked in Nuremberg as a musician and composer. His students included Johann Erasmus Kindermann ( 1616-1655 ).


The running in the eastern districts of Nürnberger Erlenstegen and Schafhofstraße Stade street was named after him.


  • Harmoniae Sacrae
  • New German songs on the type of villanelles
  • New German songs, including several Galliards
  • New teutsche spiritual Gesäng
  • Venuskränzlein, 1610 dedicated to Margrave Christian of Brandenburg -Bayreuth
  • Hauss -Music
  • Hertzes - Solace - Musica
  • Clergyman Music Sound
  • David - Harpfe
  • Dirge to death (1632 ) Gustav II Adolf of Sweden