Johann Vesling

Johannes Wesling (* 1598 in Minden, † August 30, 1649 in Padua ) was a physician and professor of anatomy and pharmacy.

He taught at the University of Padua in northern Italy and is considered the founder of comparative anatomy and embryology.

Johannes Wesling wrote at November 5, 1620 at the University of Leiden in order to study medicine. 1623 he moved to the University of Groningen before moving on June 24, 1625 to Padua, where he received his doctorate in 1629 with a dissertation on the fever.

After that he worked as a physician and surgeon in Venice. 1632 Johannes Wesling was appointed as Professor of Anatomy and Surgery at the University of Padua. This, he designed a very successful inter alia, by the public dissection of corpses, where he discovered several new functions of the human body. In 1638 he had himself relieved from his teaching lectures and took over the chair of pharmacy. He fell ill of the plague in 1649, where he eventually died.

Inaugurated in Minden March 2008 Johannes Wesling Hospital has been named after him.


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