Johanna Wokalek

Johanna Wokalek ( born March 3, 1975 in Freiburg im Breisgau ) is a German theater and film actress.


During her school years at the Friedrich -Gymnasium Freiburg Wokalek discovered her love for the theater play and was taken after graduating from the Max -Reinhardt-Seminar in Vienna. While still a student she appeared in the film Aimee and Jaguar next to Maria Schrader and Juliane Köhler as Ilse.


1996 Wokalek was directed by Paulus Manker her theater debut at the Vienna Festival in the play Alma - A Show biz the end, which was filmed in 1999 with her for television. After studying a three-year commitment followed at Theater Bonn. Wokalek played there under the direction of Valentin Jeker among others, the title role of Rose Bernd Gerhart Hauptmann. For her interpretation, she received the 1999 Alfred Kerr Actor Award. Since then she has again engaged at the Burgtheater in Vienna, where she played among others in the title roles of Kleist's Cathy of Heilbronn and Lessing's Emilia Galotti.


2003 Wokalek played the role of Lena in the critical home movie Hierankl, for which she won numerous awards. In 2004, she was occupied with the female lead Leila in Til Schweiger movie barefoot. 2008 Wokalek took over the role of the RAF terrorist Gudrun Ensslin in Bernd Eichinger's The Baader Meinhof Complex. In the same year she played in the mountaineering drama North Face photojournalist Luise Fellner.

2009 took over Wokalek instead of Franka Potente starred in Sönke Wortmann's film adaptation Pope Joan. In 2010 she presented in the coming days represents the slide on in terrorism Cecilia Kuper

2013 she was leading lady in the music video for the song " Halo " by the British pop group Depeche Mode, the used video for the stage show of its Delta Machine Tour 2013/14.


Wokalek is married to the conductor Thomas Hengelbrock, the couple has a son.

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Audiobooks and radio plays

  • 2006: Johanna Wokalek reads Franziska Left Hand. by Brigitte Reimann, ISBN 3-86604-186-1.
  • 2008: Gretel Adorno - Walter Benjamin: correspondence. ISBN 978-3-940018-02-1.
  • 2009: Cardiac: correspondence. Ingeborg Bachmann - Paul Celan, ISBN 978-3-940018-03-8.
  • 2009: Pope Joan: the radio play to film. ISBN 978-3-86717-523-4.


  • Young German Cinema Award for her performance in the film Hierankl
  • Nestroy Theatre Award - Best Newcomer
  • Bavarian Film Award for her performance in the film Hierankl
  • European Shooting Star from Germany, the European Film Promotion (EFP ) at the Berlinale
  • Adolf Grimme Award for her performance in the film Hierankl
  • Bambi in the category Jury Prize actress nationally for her performance in the film The Baader Meinhof Complex
  • Diva in the category Actress of the Year for their " outstanding achievements in the past year ."
  • Nominated for the German Film Award for Best Actress for The Baader Meinhof Complex.
  • Jupiter Award - Audience Award for her performance in the film "Pope Joan"