Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen

Johanne Schmidt -Nielsen (born 22 February 1984 in Odense) is a Danish politician, the red-green Enhedsliste. She is since 2009 spokeswoman and since the general election in 2011 spokeswoman her group in the areas of equality, integration, citizenship and asylum law.


Johanne Schmidt -Nielsen grew up in Skalbjerg on Funen, attended Katedralskole in Odense and moved to university entrance in 2002 to Copenhagen. Between 2004 and 2007 she completed a social science undergraduate education at the University of Roskilde.

From 2002 to 2003 she was deputy chairman of the Danish Gymnasiastenverbandes. She then worked briefly in a children's garden on Frederiksberg. There, she was elected to the works council and then appointed by the union of the educational staff to national confidence woman.

Career as a politician

At the Congress of Enhedsliste Johanne Schmidt -Nielsen 2006 was chosen with the best personal election result in the party leadership. In 2007, she moved as a deputy in the Folketing. In the elections, they could combine the two most personal votes is nationwide among all candidates. Only the later Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen received more votes. In 2009 she was appointed to the first party spokesperson in the history of Enhedsliste who wanted to accept no dedicated leaders to date.

Johanne Schmidt -Nielsen appeared in the 2011 election campaign as a figure of identification of the party and was in Polls high personal popularity ratings recorded also among voters from other parties. While the established Left Party in Denmark, which fell well Socialistisk Folkeparti with 9.2 percent share of the vote behind their own expectations, reached Enhedslisten with Schmidt -Nielsen as campaign face a new record and came to 6.7 percent of the vote.

Political attitude

Schmidt -Nielsen has also repeatedly operated in addition to their involvement in trade union, party and parliament as a political activist. So she took part in Prague, Brussels, Gothenburg and Rostock at the G8 summit protests. In 2006 she took part in a media-savvy protest against the dismantling of the welfare state, in which, on the steps of the Treasury 200 kg pasta and 40 liters of ketchup were distributed. 2007 showed Schmidt -Nielsen on the men's magazine " Super " because of pandering, because the sheet in a contest raffled off a meeting with a prostitute. After the All -Verlag deposed the Sweepstakes, the politician pulled her display back. In addition, Schmidt -Nielsen -grabbing protests took attention, inter alia, in part to Denmark's participation in the Second Iraq War, against the unequal treatment of women and discrimination against homosexuals in Copenhagen. She sits down in addition for a reform of copyright a, for which they received support from the Danish pirate movement.

Foreign policy

Schmidt -Nielsen profiled themselves politically, especially in the area of ​​immigration policy. 2009 revealed them that the then Minister for Integration Birthe Rønn Hornbech had kept central points of the Abschiebevereinbarung between Denmark and Iraq secret. In 2011 she was instrumental in the dismissal of the Minister, by pushing it and its employees numerous inquiries for the admission that her ministry a group of young, born in Denmark, stateless Palestinians had against the law denied the right to naturalization in Denmark.