Johannes Abromeit

John Abromeit ( born February 17, 1857 in Paschleitschen ( parish Kraupischken, church circle Ragnit, East Prussia ); † January 19, 1946 in Jena ) was a German botanist. Its official botanical author abbreviation is " Abrom. ".


John Abromeit first attended grammar school in Gumbinnen and then moved to the " grammar school at the castle " in Königsberg. He studied at the University of Königsberg, and his doctorate in 1884 at Robert Caspary. Since 1888 he worked as an assistant at the Botanical Institute in Königsberg. He edited by Ernst Vanhoffen 1892 brought from West Greenland plants. Abromeit 1895 was elected a member of the Scholars Academy Leopoldina. In 1898 he published his book Flora of West and East Prussia. In 1912 he was appointed extraordinary professor of the university. His herbarium burned during the battle of Königsberg.


The German botanist Carl Christian Mez named in his honor the plant genus of the family of Abromeitia Myrsinengewächse ( Myrsinaceae ) and the genus Abromeitiella ( according to the latest classified in the genus Deuterocohnia ) from the family Bromeliaceae ( Bromeliaceae ).



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