Johannes Baptista von Albertini

Johannes Baptista von Albertini ( born February 17, 1769 in Neuwied, † December 6, 1831 in Berthelsdorf at Herrnhut ( Upper Lusatia ) ) was a bishop and hymn writer of the Moravian Church. In addition, he also worked as a botanist and mycologist. Its official botanical author abbreviation is " Alb. ".

Life and work

Since 1782 Albertini student was Pädagogium in Niesky (Silesia ) and then a seminarian at the theological seminary in Barby on the Elbe. Here he became friends with Friedrich Schleiermacher. After teaching jobs 1788 in Niesky and from 1789 in Barby, he was a lecturer at the Seminar in 1796 Niesky. In 1804 he became a preacher in Niesky and 1814 in Gnadenberg. On 24 August 1814, he received in Herrnhut in Zittau ( Upper Lusatia ) episcopal ordination. He became a preacher in 1818 and 1821 Gnadenfrei Member and 1824 President of the Unitätsältestenkonferenz in Berthelsdorf.

Albertini was considered significant and well-known preacher in addition to Friedrich von Hardenberg ( Novalis ) as one of the most important hymn writers of his time.

He also worked as a botanist and mycologist. So he wrote with Lewis David von Schweinitz the work Conspectus Fungorum in Lusatiae Superioris Agro Niskiense Crescentium e Methodo Persoonia, published 1805 in Leipzig. The German title is " consideration of the fungi of Upper Lusatia that grow in the fields around Nisky, by the method of Persoon ". This work contains 1130 species, of which 127 are new species.